Born in New York City on April Fool’s Day in 1990, Gabrielle Burgos aka “Hz” or “Hz_Sound” is not someone to be taken lightly. Hz grew up in Staten Island and Brooklyn splitting much of her adolescent youth between both boroughs. She also lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey and Orlando, Florida during her teenage years until she returned to the city she’s always known as home. Now 26, Hz has been working on music and production for a few years. Her interest for music started in her adolescent years, using some of the earliest forms of Reason & Fruity Loops beat production software. As she became more adept at production,  Hz tried her hand at disc jockeying. Her musical interests varied from punk rock, metal, pop, country, and of course, hip-hop.


This past year has been paramount for Hz’s musical growth. She has worked on a few projects with multi-platinum producer Steve Sola and performed at many showcases; including ones at Club Pyramid, Coast2Coast, Revolt Stage at SXSW, opened up for Memphis Bleek, Arlene’s Grocery Club, Fontanas, NuyoRican, Santo’s Party House, and more. After releasing a few promotional singles via Soundcloud, a remix of an Flume track called “Kill It”   and other stream able & downloadable mediums, she released her debut single, “High Life” in April 2014.
Since, Hz released four music videos in 2015 and has just released her debut EP, April 1st.

Press Release by Skope Mag

Hz’s music is a reflection of her lifestyle and her interactions with women, stage of work ethnics, and her own personality. Safe to say shes not perfect, she distributes the good and bad of her own character with out shame by using her creative side. She references herself as the “Forsaken”, a “Living curse” and a monster of some sort. These aliases all distribute the first hand judgements she receives from others criticizing her ways of living as a masculine minded guru who cant help nor control her lust for women. Ultimately, not worrying about what others think, she expresses herself through her own music to help those who wish to understand her…. understand her.